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Our experience speaks for itself

Started over three decades ago, utiliVisor is a national company helping well-known clients and properties to optimize their energy usage. Our in-depth expertise and hands-on experience in the utility and energy plant industry, has allowed us to develop unique processes that continually yield results for our clients. But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve got the numbers to back it up.

We currently service over:


Remotely Read Meters


Manually Read Meters


Total Meters






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Experts in energy efficiency

As a privately-owned company in New York City, utiliVisor is comprised of a large team of talented, driven and dedicated energy experts. Our combined experience in building operations, central/chilled water/boiler, cogeneration plants and metering allows us to provide clients with unparalleled insights into their energy usage and, more importantly, offer them sound strategies for sustained energy savings.

Our leadership team includes industry leaders with vast experience in engineering technology, billing analysis and support.

Richard A. Angerame
President & Chief Executive Officer
Richard A. Angerame
Timothy Angerame
Chief Operating Officer
Timothy Angerame
Kathleen Lorio
Chief Financial Officer
Kathleen Lorio
David Harroun
Chief Technology Officer
David Harroun
Peter B. Angerame
Vice President
Peter B. Angerame
Christopher Angerame
Vice President Engineering
Christopher Angerame
Donald Bogle - Board Advisor

The utiliVisor

Doing what’s best for you

Beyond our experienced team and thirty-five years of proven success, utiliVisor offers clients the unique benefit of being product agnostic. This means we don’t make or sell meters, software or any hardware. So when we recommend a product as part of our energy efficiency strategy, it’s because we believe it’s the best solution for your needs—not because we have a personal stake in it.

Your personal command center

Our web-based software and information hub makes it easy for you to monitor progress, check reports and make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible. But behind that web interface is an actual operations center, staffed by a team of expert engineers—all working around the clock to collect real-time data, analyze it and adjust strategies if necessary. It really is like having your own personal team of energy efficiency experts on staff to solve your complex technical issues.

Mobile Apps



utiliVisor Energy Monitoring Dashboard

Information that’s accessible anytime, anywhere

Our exclusive suite of mobile applications makes it easy to access real-time intelligence about your energy usage and critical building systems from any smartphone or tablet—no matter where you are. It’s all part of the utiliVisor Continuous Energy Oversight approach.


Insights at your fingertips

Our mobile real-time energy monitoring features allow you to:

Track energy plant performance.


Identify the real-time energy demand of your facility.


Provide tenants with relevant energy information in order to maximize efficiency.


Monetize your facility’s performance.


Take energy meter readings using your smartphone or tablet.



If a real-time feed is not available, such as in a remote area, our app will allow building staff to read local meters. Those readings then get automatically pushed via the internet to our energy analysts to generate monthly bills.

Contact us for more information about how our services and mobile apps can help you stay on top of your energy needs.

Headquarters &
Operations Center

135 W. 36th St.
New York, New York 10018



13850 Diplomat Dr.
Dallas, Texas 75234


Technical Center

711 Wells Street, Suite 210
Delafield, Wisconsin 53018