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Real-time intelligence that results in real-world solutions

At a time when financial savings are critical to the future of every company and institution, utiliVisor can help you take control of energy expenditures and create a plan to increase efficiencies, train your staff and save money—all with minimal capital expenditure.

Our web-based approach combines real-time data from your facility with our team’s expertise to provide actionable insights, valuable recommendations and a plan for optimization. Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, every plan is uniquely tailored to each individual facility, and changes according to the changes your business experiences. Once the recommended optimizations are put into action, you can expect to see measurable savings within 60 days—with very little capital expenditure on your part.

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A plan that comes with backup

When you enlist our Energy Plant Services, we don’t just hand you a plan and disappear. We provide the ongoing support and expertise necessary to improve the efficiency of your operation, even when things are changing on a daily basis. Below are just a few of the support services we provide:


Real-time analysis of systems, including central/chilled water plants, boiler plants, and combined heat and power/distributed generation


A monetization of solutions tied directly to utility rates (not based on models or averages) rather metered values that will help you make informed decisions


Continuous refinement of operating plans to ensure that all systems are as efficient as possible and result in long-term energy savings


Staffed by a team of expert engineers—all working around the clock to collect real-time data, analyze it and adjust strategies if necessary

Our Energy Plant Services are ideal for:

Research Facility

Research & Development Facilities

True efficiency is in the details

While other companies look at adding components, selling products and systems separately, we take a holistic approach and continually optimize your entire energy plant. Our process starts with an analysis of the central energy plant and examines every facet of energy expenditure, using the existing Automation System and other accurate power/energy measurement systems in order to maximize your savings. As the efficiency of your plant changes, so do our recommended strategies, ensuring that the savings continue.

The utiliVisor Energy Plant solution includes:

Energy Plant Analysis, including Chiller, Boiler and Combined Heat & Power Plants

We evaluate the design and efficiency of the central plant, with particular attention to total system performance. That continual assessment is then used to provide initial and ongoing recommendations for energy cost management and reduction.

Web-based Management & Advanced Software

Our unique suite of web-based software is built on open standards and works in real time (and defined time increments) to collect and formulate data, which is then turned into a defined solution that results in an actionable and measureable, cost-saving plan.

Operations Center Staffed With Licensed & Degreed Engineers

Our operations center monitors your systems and recommends adjustments in order to determine costs on a day-to-day, and even hourly, basis. This is a key differentiator between utiliVisor and other companies, allowing our team to focus exclusively on solving complex problems.

Operational Management Reporting & Analytics

Our application provides easy access to information about your facility's energy use at any time and lets you:

  • Store and archive data in the cloud
  • Access customized data
  • Validate energy projects
  • Enhance control system performance
  • Track performance and operational costs
  • Compare the real-time efficiency of any system against the design performance
  • Customize data analysis for all types of reporting structures
  • Export data to standard accounting packages
A Completely Secure Data Cloud

Our remote operations center is securely connected to your building’s systems, enabling us to gather data in a completely protected and secure way.

LEED Energy Verification and Utility Incentive Programs

Our monitoring and measuring services can help ensure you are maintaining your LEED certification status, or provide additional information to increase your rating. Also provide the tracking and reporting for utility incentive programs; relating to energy efficiency and system upgrades.

From energy data to operational savings.


Energy Plant Data





Operational Savings



Achieving high-performance all year round

With efficiency and financial savings as the priority, our approach optimizes your existing systems to perform at the highest possible levels. Our quality standards, technical proficiency, and unmatched problem-solving skills all come together to provide realistic recommendations that you can act on—and results you can count on.

Our continuous 5-step process:



A comprehensive review of your equipment’s performance and system operating costs on a real-time basis.



Daily monitoring by experienced engineers to analyze and optimize central energy plant performance in order to develop new operating strategies.



An online blog, maintained by our operations center, keeps track of real-time data, system performance and monitors system alerts based on set operating thresholds and performance criteria.



Savings are documented and reported on a monthly basis and compared to the base year’s operating costs with weather normalization.




The process is continually repeated and plans adjusted regularly to ensure that systems are performing optimally all year round.

A visualization of our process:

Facility / Operating Engineers

  • Data measurement
  • Access to engineering support and optimized operational strategies
  • Plant operation and reporting

utiliVisor Data Center

Data is stored in the Cloud

utiliVisor Operations Center

  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Expert analysis through customized data analytics
  • Engineering support for operations
  • Actionable operational strategies for cost savings
  • Continuous oversight to maintain most efficient operations
  • Report generation