NYC Energy Efficiency Legislation

Legislation: A Model For Reducing Building Energy Use

New York City continues to take bold leaps in energy efficiency legislation. To meet the city’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050, the New York City Council introduced Int. No. 1253.  Since buildings are the highest contributors to the city’s carbon footprint, the council is emphasizing the need for buildings to take […]

utilivisor Data Analytics

Do You Believe The Energy & Operational Data From Your Building Systems are Correct?

The on-going explosion of tech-driven product and service offerings may temporarily help building managers, but they can’t make building occupants and machines use only the energy they need. Even with the most sophisticated auto-adjusting controls, models, energy-optimizing analytics, and building instrumentation, your building operations will not achieve fully-optimized, cost-effective energy efficiency without quality data. The […]

Texas Tech Energy Management

What Your University Is Missing With One-Size Fits All Energy Management

Texas Tech’s Leaders Recognized The Need For Detailed Monitoring and Engineering Oversight to Achieve Fully Optimized Energy Solutions – and It Paid Off Texas Tech University implemented operational improvements that yielded significant energy savings: however – even with the improvements – university leadership recognized that real optimization would require detailed monitoring and engineering oversight. Instead […]

Energy Management Software

Don’t Buy Energy Management Software Before Reading This!

Energy management software assumes that a one-size-fits-all approach will work for all facilities, but every facility has different, already existing systems that require a uniquely tailored solution. Submetering and billing software often seem like the solution to the overwhelm of spreadsheets and the need for accurate utility billing. But is it? Here’s what you may […]

A Holistic Approach to Curing Energy Waste

Background NYU Langone Medical Center, Hospital for Joint Diseases is a 338,424-squarefoot building located in the heart of Manhattan. Creating a healthy environment is central to the Center’s mission, taking into account the environmental, societal, and economic impact on the community. As a participant in the NYC Carbon Challenge and committed to pursuing sustainable operating […]

Streamlining Utility Data

Streamlining Utility Data at Northwestern University

February 28, 2019 Eric Hesse, Senior Systems Engineer, utiliVisor   Northwestern University is a private university based in Evanston, Illinois. The University is comprised of twelve colleges and schools and has three campuses: the 240-acre Evanston campus, a 25-acre campus in Chicago, and a third campus in Doha, Qatar. Northwestern, a leading global institution is […]

Old Billing Systems Are Costly

Inaccurate Old Water Billing System Reveals The Need For Water Submeters

Baltimore’s Department of Public Works is realizing that the time has come for water billing transparency and accuracy. Transparency and accurate billing data are essential to efficient energy solutions, and one organization that’s learning this the hard way is Baltimore’s Department of Public Works. The last update to the water billing system was in the […]