Shopping Center Energy Services

Energy Metering Services for Shopping Centers

“Excellent firm with superior leadership and industry knowledge which will assist owners and managers in reducing energy costs as well as ensure tenants are billed properly.” John Kryznefski – Askenazy Acquisitions Empowering a More Efficient Future with Accurate Retail Submetering and Maximum Cost Recovery. Shopping Center owners and property managers have enough to do without […]

Energy Metering Services for Universities

What if an energy sub-metering service could streamline your approach to campus energy management and make your financial reporting easier and more accurate? No two campuses’ needs are alike and our University sub-metering services are designed to be flexible. Our solution is an integrated approach to campus energy management which is completely customizable for your […]

Shannon McAuliffe, Director of Sales

Shannon McAuliffe Joins utiliVisor as Director of Sales, Southwest

Shannon McAuliffe has been appointed Director of Sales for utiliVisor Southwest, an energy advisory firm that provides comprehensive central energy plant monitoring and sub-metering services for organizations seeking to increase the accuracy of utility consumption measurements and identify opportunities to improve the operational efficiency and sustainability of their facilities. Shannon McAuliffe has been appointed Director […]

utiliVisor Providing Metering and Submetering Services for Northwestern University

Northwestern University has awarded a contract for submetering, and monthly recharge process to utiliVisor, a leading energy advisor and provider of submetering and energy plant oversight services for the purpose of increasing efficiency. The metering and submetering will be employed in 224 buildings, totaling approximately 15 million square feet on Northwestern’s campuses, a 240-acre parcel […]

Rich Data: Commercial Building Owners Can Save on Energy

Recently I had the opportunity to reconnect with a former client (from the company for which I worked before starting my own firm). We were fortunate enough to accept an engagement with utiliVisor to assist with data collection for a utility management effort at a very large shopping mall in South Florida. A veteran of […]

utiliVisor to Provide Energy Analysis and Optimization Platform for TD Industries’ Energy Monitoring Contract at Two Texas State University Campuses

Texas State University has awarded a contract to TD Industries for the implementation of a comprehensive program of energy monitoring and central plant optimization at its San Marcos and Round Rock Campus. Under the contract, TD Industries has installed a web-based energy monitoring system, which uses the utiliVisor energy analysis and optimization platform, for the […]

Sub-metering checks help Sage Realty pocket savings

With energy accountability a more critical factor in today’s commercial real estate market, lowering a building’s energy costs has become a matter of economic necessity in all types of commercial facilities. A key element of any energy efficiency strategy is to ensure that an effective sub-metering system is in place. In addition, Local Law 88 […]