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Energy Metering Services
For Universities

Empowering a More Efficient Future

No two campuses' needs are alike and our university sub-metering services are designed to be flexible.

  1. Campus Sub-metering Master Plans.
  2. Sub-Metering Billing and Recharge Process for Multi Utilities.
  3. Ability to baseline with metered data to track performance of new and existing energy conservation measures.
  4. Display Key Performance Indicators and Energy Metrics for your team with a fluid way to share analyze and manage important information about your energy usage.

Seamless and efficient communication

Submetering in the Energy Insight Platform

An integrated approach to campus energy management.

Data-driven solutions & insights

Complete cross-platform integration

Communication between all team members

Technical support from utiliVisor's Operations Center energy experts

Strategic new energy conservation measures

Completely customizable for your campus.


A continuous flow of information.

More than just a typical energy software program, our Energy Insights Platform is a continuous process through which we are always receiving input, analyzing insights, communicating information, and implementing change to maximize results.

Connect with one of our advisors to learn how
utiliVisor's Energy Insight Platform can transform your University

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