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Empowering a More Efficient Future

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utiliVisor is a leading energy advisory firm that uses specialized applications and real-time data measurement to provide clients with comprehensive monitoring and metering solutions. Measuring and analyzing are two core offerings, our real value lies in the insights we uncover about your energy usage. In turn, those insights inform the strategies and measurement methods we employ to maximize efficiency in your operations.

We specialize in three key areas: Energy Plant Services, Energy Metering and Marine Services.

Real-time intelligence meets real-world solutions

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Energy Plant Services

Whether you operate a hospital, university, data center or multi-use Class A commercial office building, our Energy Plant Services are designed to monitor and interpret energy use in real-time and provide insights and recommendations to help maximize efficiency and minimize capital expenditures.

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Taking the guesswork out of energy tracking and submetering.

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Energy Metering Services

Business owners and property managers have enough to do without worrying about the accuracy of energy consumption and submetering. Our Energy Metering Services make it easy to manage and measure utility consumption for cost recovery and to ensure your clients are billed appropriately and accurately.

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Energy efficient even at sea.

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Marine Services

Far from being landlocked, our expertise extends across oceans to provide valuable insights and efficient solutions—whether you operate one vessel or an entire fleet. Our Marine Services team can monitor your vessels’ operations remotely, collecting real-time data in order to analyze energy operating costs and provide solutions that will improve efficiency and monitor HVAC systems at sea.

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On-the-go and in control.

Designed to keep you informed even when you’re away from your desk, our mobile apps allow you to access information, track system and utility plant performance, and identify real-time energy demands from a smartphone or tablet.

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